A global footprint is giving way to an interconnected space of a high-speed network, state of the art bandwidth and top-notch telecom service providers all in one place to feed all our client’s technology demands.

In a fast-growing digital era, clients need on-time, real data available 24/7 with 100% infrastructure uptime capabilities. With an option to get space, power, and cooling on-demand through colcation services, businesses can better manage their IT resources and their time.

We provide a plethora of managed services able to support our clients’ needs and customized configurations. The comfort of physical security along with around the clock monitoring is something clients demand from our facilities. We ensure clients have access to high-performance networks that feed them the power that drives their critical business operations all while keeping their data secure.

Our goal is to give clients access to a diverse variety of carriers offering bandwidth, network, and power resources clients can’t afford to be without. We learned that with the absence of isolated networks, we couldn’t ensure data security. This is why our team works together to make sure our clients understand their data is safe. After all, business-critical data needs to be secure, and clients need unparalleled reliability and simplicity of their network. Clients can take advantage of specific budget constraints due to our vast solutions offering competitive pricing. Companies can enjoy improved data monitoring, consistent network performance, and low latency. At CWIE, we understand that the bottom line for businesses is the need for a reliable network that is secure and easy to use.

We learned the magnitude of consumption as a client steps on the path of digitalization. So our team of experts has built and created additional services that allow organizations to expand with growth without falling off the technology path.

Critical business processes and real-time data is no longer something businesses can properly function without. Especially if they are trying to stay ahead of the game; we offer a variety of flexible growth options on demand. Our colocation hosting allows businesses to leverage enterprise-grade, compliance-ready IT solutions fit just for them. Together with our talented staff, technology enthusiasts, we created stability at its best and ascertained a global footprint. Our location is where we need to be for our clients, in a disaster-free area.

Here’s what keeps CWIE ahead of the competition:

  • Redundant and secure data centers
  • A broad range of global carriers
  • Flexible ramp schedules
  • Global data center footprint

Our team maps out our client’s current state of their business processes. They evaluate future business needs to incorporate their ability to expand all while giving them an option to stay ahead of the competition by satisfying their technology journey.

We offer a full-service data center specializing in colocation, managed services, and cloud services, all while providing power, space, and cooling. Our team has reached many highs and lows during their own journey down the path of digital transformation but has ascertained a smooth customer win with our colocation service. Due to this success, our highly skilled professionals opened up the gap between enterprise and the mass market, giving space for advance offerings such as Infrastructure-as-a-service. The customized approach enabled our growth and the success of clients throughout the years. We resolve our client’s demands by providing them with the latest technology platforms and scale resources to address such changing requirements while offering a consultative approach during the engagement. CWIE is continuously implementing ways to keep themselves at the forefront of technology. Our team provides the instructions, giving them the needed info to conform to new business processes to fit their business structure and scalability. And that significant advantage to leverage specific products according to their technology wants and needs.

Every business is unique on its own, and every client has specific business requirements. And that is why our team works together in sync while using IT expertise to find the right path for every client. We can offer the customized approach, giving our clients the perfect amount of square footage they need and allowing the room for expansion as they grow with us.

For more details on our colocation services, contact us at or 480-422-2022.