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If you are looking to maximize the use of your IT resources, our cloud solutions can deliver unmatched efficiency. Our team works together with our clients to choose the right deployment for their business. There are three methods of implementation, which include the private, public, and hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

Public cloud solution offers a pay-what-you-consume type of IT expense. This particular platform allows organizations to improve scalability of their IT resources and ensure adequate support for their daily operations.

CWIE offers a plethora of customized choices on how clients can utilize the public cloud. This is an exact building block solution to growing and expanding business as it offers an advanced level of flexibility. If the organization requires a global presence, the configurations of CWIE Public Cloud allows them to get one step closer to the rest of the globe without leaving their workstations.

Our experienced technologists maintain a robust and quick diversified data center with a global footprint to meet all their performance requirements and scope of their IT initiatives. Our business solutions drive success and offer our clients a customized approach to any IT decision making process.

Benefits of the public cloud in the eye of the consumer:

  • Decrease overhead
  • No capex investments
  • Unconditional scalability
  • Improved reliability

Since the public cloud is maintained and managed by us as a provider, all software, hardware, and other infrastructure components are shared with other users. This model enables clients to get access to all infrastructure resources at a low price. CWIE uses only the best technological advancements to ensure a reliable platform and offer many other choices in their search of what cloud fits their business needs.

Private Cloud

A private cloud solution contains information assets utilized by a single company or an organization. There are different scenarios with this solution depending on clients’ needs or demands. Private cloud can be off-site with a hosting provider, or it can be built on-site at their very own data center.

With the advancement of cloud technologies, the latter option is becoming growingly obsolete. Today’s organizations do not have to invest into building a dedicated data center as they can get an equally efficient solution on demand. Thanks to this type of configuration, this cloud solution simplifies customization of resources to meet particular business demands.

Benefits of the private cloud in the eye of the consumer:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced security
  • Elevated scalability

Every solution that our team creates is a solution that meets particular customer demands. With the private cloud, clients understand why

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud has long become a preferred model of IT infrastructure deployment. Companies of different sizes and operational focuses are turning to this model of IT infrastructure deployment as it combines public cloud-like flexibility with security of a dedicated data center.

CWIE Hybrid Cloud solutions are designed to allow companies to easily distribute their workloads to both public and dedicated cloud environments. Such a model of deployment is ideal for dynamic workloads and companies who are handling large databases that require different levels of security and control.

The greatest advantage of our hybrid cloud solutions is that it can perfectly complement existing IT infrastructure. Through our public and private cloud options clients can improve their infrastructure with the capabilities they are in need of. We provide compute, network, and storage resources on an on-demand basis, so organizations can easily scale them as their demands grow.

Our specialized managed and virtual private cloud solutions enable the storage of the most sensitive workloads in a compliance-ready environment. This way, clients do not have to buy additional hardware resources or invest into expanding their own data center in order to achieve security and control levels that their workloads require.

Similarly, our public cloud instances can be easily added to an existing infrastructure for the purposes of application testing or any other dynamic operation.

The flexibility of the solution allows organizations to plan for their IT budget more effectively. Depending on their needs, our solution experts can suggest and deploy a solution that will match exactly what every business requires.

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