Bare Metal Servers

First-class innovation teams empowering cutting-edge technologies delivered by physical servers in a variety of strategic locations.

CWIE’s team of experts deliver customizable solutions to match every business need while offering the highest level of security and accuracy. We understand what data means to our clients, and we work together to keep their data secure.

Our Bare metal servers are configured to handle loads of data and manage even the most abundant workloads. We see that businesses with complex data-driven applications can’t harbor business growth without these type of servers. Bare metal servers were designed to handle demanding business processes and get them up and running instantly. Our experts can use the adaptability of such physical servers creating an improved degree of infrastructure management and the ability to expand their business without the hassle of purchasing for growth. Our consultative approach allows our clients to grow with us and purchase only what they need at the moment.

Clients take advantage of:

  • The latest and greatest technology processors
  • Speedy and flawless implementations
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Customized solutions at affordable prices

Our team is continuously improving their business processes and searching for ways to give our clients that customizable approach to their IT initiatives. We offer a variety of systems, giving our client choices as they evaluate their digital journey. Our team can assist our clients in the decision making process to find what meets their very own particular IT needs.

Whether clients are in the enterprise space or not, our team has the right bare metal server to give their IT team the right start. Being flexible and keeping up with the latest technological advances is what gives us the proper advantage in the market. CWIE leaves our clients in capable hands with the absence of worry related to handling hardware, switches, and networking gear needed to run their critical business applications.
Our team works hard to guarantee availability as we operate out of state-of-the-art data centers located globally, giving our clients the utmost flexibility. Our International development services team operates with the latest and greatest hardware to support our client’s business operations, all while leveraging their resources for ultimate performance.

Every client has full control of their data and systems while pointing them in the right direction, assisting them in overcoming operational challenges and expenses. A proud team of IT professionals takes advantage of CWIE’s technology partners. We can create and develop revolutionary milestones with the capabilities of such innovative technology fused with our data center infrastructure launching businesses to a whole new level.

Our team offers a variety of customizable solutions to support our client’s demanding growth, and our team maps out their IT goals as a whole. Because our experienced staff leverages top-notch technology, they are readily available, and they can deliver a competitive implementation timeframe, which is an added bonus. With the age of digital consumption and the direction of how we consume technology, digital natives have brought a lot of change to the digital era. Consumers need change but want it right away, and CWIE’s talented team allows just that for our clients.

For more details on our bare metal services, contact us at or 480-422-2022.